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Important News from A Single Drop Founder


December 2010

Dear friends and supporters,

Greetings to each of you, and I hope your year is coming to a close with ease, grace and celebration. I am writing to share with you important news about A Single Drop USA office. As of September 1, 2010, A Single Drop has closed it's doors. However, our two main progarms, A Single Drop for Safe Water in the Philippines and the Women Water Stewards in Africa continue to thrive!

So there is much to celebrate!

Firstly, A Single Drop for Safe Water (ASDSW) - the office in the Philippines, is completely resilient and doing exceptionally well. ASDSW is a separate legal entity, and we set a goal for it to be completely self-reliant. Today, as planned, the organization is generating its own income and is a true social entrepreneurial model -  itself being sustainable while also creating independent community-driven water service enterprises all over the country. ASDSW is a testament to the strength and sustainability of ASD's development goals because, under the strong leadership of Kevin Lee, ASDSW is strong, resilient and sustainable. Although I have resigned fromthe Board of Trustees of ASDSW, as the Founder, I will remain a dedicated champion of the work, continuing to share ASDSW's innovative model wherever I go. Just in the last few months, ASDSW was recognized as one of the Warriors of the UN Millennium Development Goals sponsored by Probe TV and  Kodak Philippines, and we also won the Katherine M. Swanson Tech Equality Award with a $50,000 prize. This added to our other social entrepreneur accolades from Echoing Green, Ernst Young and Schwab Foundation. ASDSW is now scaling-up and expanding its work all over the country! There is no question that ASDSW will continue to have international recognition and impact. I am extremely proud of the dedicated and hard-working ASDSW staff and all the work we have done together.

ASD's second program, Women Water Stewards, empowering women in Africa, will continue through the Global Women's Water Initiative (GWWI), a partnership I co-founded with Jan Hartsough of Crabgrass and Melinda Kramer of Women's Earth Alliance. Going forward, I will continue this work as the Director of GWWI which has been absorbed as a program of Women's Earth Alliance. I will focus all of my energy on continuing these Women and Water Trainings with the ultimate goal to ensure the inclusion of women at every level of decision making in regards to water and sanitation. The more equipped women are in implementing and designing full WASH (WAter, Sanitation and Hygiene) programs, the better opportunities will arise for them to influence WASH strategies in their communities, their countries and the world. I look forward to integrating the learnings and innovations of self-reliance and social entrepreneurship we developed at ASDSW.

It truly has been an honor to witness our work impacting over 150,000 in just over 4 years. It has been especially humbling to watch communities resolve their own water issues in sustainable and regenerative ways and see how it has changed so many lives--including mine. Both the successes and challenges I've witnessed and experienced have taught me resilience and have underscored how deep my commitment runs.

My personal mission remains: to unite people around the world to provide the less marginalized with the opportunities to thrive through the provision of water and sanitation, leadership development and collaboration. I will also return to my roots which spawned our global water projects - promoting peace and equality through music!

And although ASD may not exist any longer as an identity, as water transforms, flows and always finds a better way, our work will take the form it needs to take in order for the mission to continue efficiently and compassionately, because in the end, it's all about the communities we serve.

Thank you so much for your love and support through the years! You can still support the programs moving forward and follow the waves "A Single Drop" began by logging onto

A Single Drop for Safe Water, Inc - www.asdforsafewater.org
Global Women's Water Initiative - www.globalwomenswater.org

And to view the WE RISE: Building the Million Voice Choir video that started this crazy ride, log onto http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=liNjK0gNRT0

I look forward to staying connected to you and continuing to pursue opportunities to Bring H2ope around the globe.

With deep respect and gratitude,

Gemma Bulos

P.S. To stay connected find me on Facebook and Twitter (UN: gemmabelle), or email me at gemmabulos@gmail.com


Water Wisdom

It takes A Single Drop of water to start a wave...